Is your nonprofit worthy of a bequest?


Sometimes a bequest magically appears out of the blue. Phew, now you can fund that looming deficit. Many times nonprofits with scarce resources are forced to make these kinds of decisions to keep the doors open. This is a good indication that they are not in a position to grow and strategically advance their mission…

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Top tool for managing conflict in your nonprofit


Not all conflict is bad. As a matter of fact, robust debate and creating a safe place to explore and wrestle with differences is essential to the health of your organization. Think of cholesterol. There’s the good kind and the bad kind. First…The Bad Kind. At best, conflict can be a nuance. Despite it, the…

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How to increase productivity on your board

Bored Board

I can’t remember when teambuilding shifted from a touchy feely thing to what organizational behavior expert Patrick Lencioni refers to as “the one sustainable competitive advantage that has been largely untapped” in his book Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Most of us are a part of one team or another: in the workplace,…

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A simple tool to gain clarity and increase productivity


Does lack of time and stress get in the way of progressing at the rate you would like? Getting the most important things done and growing as a leader is a challenge for many nonprofit leaders. It seems there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish anything other than what’s in front of you.…

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What would make everything better in your nonprofit?


What would make everything better in your nonprofit? For a large percentage of your colleagues, money, or lack thereof, is cited as the most critical issue facing their organization. Do you think plenty of money would make everything better for your nonprofit? Makes sense to some extent. Money = more staff, increased salaries, and updated technology.…

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5 reasons coaching is a no-brainer for nonprofit executives

shutterstock_273600983 (1)

Insight, new energy, and possibility are a few benefits of engaging with a good coach.  Are you an executive director of a nonprofit? Or an executive staff member? Coaching can be a game changer for you and your nonprofit. The big question is, are you coachable? I have coached many ED’s and board members, and…

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How to get your lapsed donors back

going down the drain

I know…it’s easy to roll your eyes at the fundraising advice blogs. “you mean…if I simply do this, that, and the other thing, I’ll raise more money. “ Yea, right. Today I’d like to steer away from that list of 5 things you “should” do, and instead ask you a few pointed questions. Answer them then…

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I’m bored with boards

Bored Board

I know, it’s a sweeping generalization. Not all boards are boring or stagnant. But many are. Rather than complaining, I decided to take a critical look at my point of view. My doggone millennial daughter Geeez. I’m finding it hard to hold my own when they graduate from college full of new ideas and a bent…

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Without this, your nonprofit’s future is at risk

Photo of careful businessman with folded umbrella on ribbon or rope running risk of falling down

Can you guess the hottest topic in the fundraising world today? Unfortunately, it’s the plummeting donor retention rates. Quick – Do you know the answer to these questions for your nonprofit? How many donors renewed or upgraded their gift in 2015? How many donors either lapsed or downgraded their gift? Do you know your donor retention…

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Never get rejected asking for money again

2 women coffee shop

One of the most prolific fundraisers in the country and Senior Research Fellow at the Hauser Institute For Civil Society at Harvard University, hated fundraising at first! Jennifer McCrea’s insights about the uncomfortable power dynamic common between donors and nonprofits stopped me in my tracks. You’ll love this. Despite her success in her early career…

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