Tricia_Dell_whiteHi, I’m Tricia Dell.

I’m a fundraising coach, speaker, trainer and writer helping executive directors and nonprofit boards champion their big ideas and raise exponentially more money.

Forward Thinking Fundraising programs and services guide and coach nonprofit leaders to engage and partner with their community, develop resources, and together, achieve a shared vision.

Since 2005, I have proudly facilitated groups at Stanford Graduate School of Business in the Interpersonal Dynamics course and Women in Management Program. These talented students continue to help me strengthen my facilitation and leadership skills – a lifelong journey.


I am a regular participant in the Association of Fundraising Professionals and Stanford Social Innovation Review programs learning the latest thinking about nonprofit leadership strategies and achieving social change.

Celebrating with newly minted MBA’s 

Has philanthropy changed your life?

It has mine. I began my career as a nonprofit professional at age 22 at a daycare center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This small center introduced me to the lives of low-income parents, many of them single women, and their struggle to make ends meet.

Seeing what a difference that one organization can make has changed my worldview, shaped my future, and set me on my path.

I became passionate about fundraising, philanthropy and it’s power to ensure that nonprofit organizations have the resources they need to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

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