2 clever ways to find and recruit your perfect board member


Throw out that board composition matrix. Are you sick of pressuring board members to come up with people they know?  Do you tell yourself that there’s just no one to tap? All of the good ones are already on other boards. Read on. This is for you. Before getting started, think about your gaps and…

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Why do capable nonprofit boards fall short?


We’re smart people, you and me. If you’ve been a board member or staff executive for any period of time, you’ve been around the block a few times. You’ve solved complicated problems on a shoestring. You’ve changed lives, and in some cases saved them. You know things about life that most people don’t. So why…

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3 Top Priorities For Every Executive Director

Teamwork Magnifier Definition Means Unity And Partnership

This is one of my favorite topics! I have been an executive director and development director several times over. I know the frustrations deep in my being, and I also know what it feels like to be apart of a team – including donors – that change lives. Underdeveloped* A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit…

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7 Cage-Rattling Questions every board should answer


Imagine what it would be like to have a wide range of ideas, smarts, contacts, and resources emanating from the board room to move your organization forward? What’s the best way to tap the talent, creativity, and passion of your board members? It’s hard to think seriously about these visionary questions when so many of us…

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Done! 1 quick tip to boost your year-end results


Here’s one very simple tip you can accomplish in a few hours that’s guaranteed to increase your year-end fundraising results. In a nutshell:  Catch your donors by surprise.  Here’s how to do it and why it’s important.  First, set the mood. Block out an hour, grab some coffee and set an intention to enjoy yourself. This is quick, but…

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Getting major gifts is hard work…let’s get started


The only way you can raise major gifts is to have confidence in yourself and enjoy the process… Easier said than done – for sure. If you’re  new to this, or you’re in re-boot mode, the smartest path is to take very small steps, recruit allies on the board, and get clear on what you…

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Stop this… and watch your fundraising soar

forefront of a stop sign with a clear blue sky

PLEASE stop treating your donors – the people that are critical to the survival of your organization –  like “donors.” The word donor, particularly for those that want nothing to do with fundraising, reduces a person to someone who gives you money. Period. It’s not uncommon for board members and executive directors alike to dread fundraising.…

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Is Fundraising the Identified Patient?


For those of you who haven’t spent time in therapy – the identified patient is the person in the family that gets scapegoated for the family’s problems. Do you ever feel that fundraising gets the blame for a wide variety of your organizational struggles: not having the resources to strengthen programs, increase salaries, or invest…

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