How to quickly increase your fundraising results


There are 2 surprisingly easy things that even the smallest nonprofit can do to improve their fundraising results quickly. As with most things, it all begins with your attitude. Once you “get it” the tactics are much easier.  The Big Idea:  The way you think about your donors and the money that they share with…

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Making your way through the messy middle

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The problem is that things are always messier than the how-to’s make them out to be. This is why it’s often better to think less about specifics and more about the principles and qualities to get you through hard times. When you get it, you get it. You’re not relying on some checklist. Brene Brown…

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First impressions are serious business in nonprofits

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Why are they so important?  The impression you create may affect future job opportunities, getting promoted, or other important matters or collaborations that you’re cultivating in the community. Not to mention raising money and attracting the time and resources of donors and volunteers. Did you know it takes only three to five seconds for someone…

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The top solution to low morale on your board


Morale is an emotional issue. Merriam-Webster defines morale as “The mental and emotional condition (as of enthusiasm, confidence, or loyalty) of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand. A sense of common purpose with respect to a group.” There are all kinds of reasons why board members don’t perform…

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2 tips for a productive board meeting


We’ve all been there. The quality of meetings (of any kind) are all over he map. Have you ever walked out of a meeting feeling like it was a good use of your time? Or it just felt good. Wouldn’t it be great if your board meetings were like that most times? Check out these…

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3 ways to bring mindfulness to work

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Yes, mindfulness is all the rage. Meditation, a calmer, more focused life, and enlightenment are only a few breaths away. This post is less about all of that, although I’m down for working on it. I’m talking about practical more attainable steps that can make life easier and less stressful in your nonprofit workplace. Best…

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How to help your board save face

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Do you get frustrated with your board? Are they engaged like they could be? If you’re like many nonprofits, the answer is a resounding no. Why is that? What’s the root cause of why a board member (think of them as individuals) would hold back? It’s counterintuitive, but in many cases they don’t know how. They’re…

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What are you hiding from your donors?

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When I was an ED, I hid a lot. Both from donors and sometimes the board. I had the mistaken assumption that if there were problems, donors would stop giving and the board would question my competence. Maybe in the old days, but in 2016 it’s quite the opposite. We want our board and donors…

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Pathways to power for women in nonprofits 


“If the only thing I have to do to get you to back down is not like you, that’s easy.”   Power is a topic that makes people uncomfortable, especially women. The fact is, creating social change requires power, and 80% of small nonprofits are led by women. Unfortunately, gaining influence, power, and developing leadership…

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Here’s why your board won’t fundraise


Because they don’t want to. More to the point, they haven’t had a reason to. I’m talking about the kind of fundraising that goes beyond your day to day expenses. They have to do that. Alice Waters, food, and lighting a fire under your board. Last week, I got to see one of my all…

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